Summer Fun: Beachside Party

Summer Fun: Beachside Party


Finally, there are those fun beachside parties. You will likely want to dress nicer than what you’d usually wear. This off the shoulder dress lends itself nicely to the hot summer nights, as do the black sandals. A white handbag will help carry all of your necessities. Accessorize lightly with charms, studs, and a bracelet or two. I love this charm necklace because it ties in perfectly with the beach theme.

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Summer Fun: Beach, Please

Summer Fun: Beach, Please

Of course, we can’t go to the beach without going on the beach! A light sun dress over your swim suit will be necessary in case of unexpected shopping and flip flops allow easy access to the beach. Bring a tote for all beach necessities, such as towels, sun screen, and reading materials. A hat and colorful sunglasses will both cover the eyes and complete the look.